6 Top Reasons To Never Buy Fake Shoes

Brand imitations are very popular, and it’s accessible, cheaper, and flourishing in the market. Why? It is because designer brands cost a lot, and almost everyone wants to own a branded pair of shoes. That’s why people purchase imitated shoes of Black Cat Jordan 4 instead of the original ones.

But then, buying fake shoes comes at a cost. Well, you don’t necessarily pay extra dollars out of pocket, but the world does and gets affected in ways like:

1- Impact on the local and global economy

Buying counterfeit products directly impacts the local and global economy negatively. For example, it is estimated that American business alone loses around 200 billion dollars because of counterfeit items. Similarly, even the electronic market loses a lot of revenue every year due to fake products flooding the market.

2- They don’t support taxes

Did you know that counterfeit product manufacturers don’t pay taxes? Well, this only does more harm to our local and global economy. And since taxes are used to improve highways and roads, funding the city hospitals, parks, schools, and social-economic programs, buying a counterfeit product does no good to the country you live in.

3- Impacts the employment rate

Besides impacting the revenue and reputation of the existing brands, counterfeit products also compromise the job market around the world.

Many people around the world lose their well-paying jobs just because of the blooming counterfeit market.

4- Supports child labor

Almost every counterfeit item is manufactured in international sweatshops. These sweatshops promote child labor and even result in indentured servitude – a form of modern-day slavery.

Sweatshops are well-known for disregarding the fundamental human rights and child labor laws of their workers. They pay next to nothing to ensure their profits are capitalized.

5- Promotes organized crimes

For decades, criminal gangs have been using the counterfeit market to launder their dirty money easily.

Counterfeiting is considered the most lucrative way by organized crime gangs to make money and get support to perform illegal activities like drugs and sex trafficking.

6- Introduces dangerous products in the market

Counterfeiters are only here to make money and profits. They don’t care about your well-being. They use low-quality materials to produce cheap products that can cause injuries to the wearer or user.

For instance, counterfeit footwear has been known to cause discomfort to the ankle and foot, while electronic items have been known to explode due to cheap batteries used in them.

Would you still buy fake kicks? 

Now that you know how purchasing knock-off Black Cat Jordan 4 harms the world more than it offers you the profits, it is time for a change.

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