Exquisite Maang Tikka Designs For All Your Special Days!

Many jewellery pieces are suitable for daily wear and fancy occasions alike, such as necklaces, rings, and bracelets. However, some are only suitable on the most extravagant and fancy days, one of them being a maang tikka. A maang tikka is an ornament for your forehead most suitable with traditional Indian garb, and that enhances your beauty when worn in a matching set with your other jewellery. And depending on your outfit, there are many designs you can choose from. So, get your outfit ready and take your pick from any of these styles and get ready to be in the spotlight!

  • Diamond Maang Tikka

While we all associate maang tikkas with gold or maybe colourful stones and works, diamond variants have recently made a splash. For brides going for non-conventional outfit choices that do not go well with gold, they can opt for these diamond ones that will make them shine even more on their special day. For simpler occasions, diamond ones in a pendant style can be a muted way of incorporating it into your outfit, while a princess tiara styled option would go well for wedding and reception outfits.

  • Pearl Maang Tikka

Pearls are making a comeback and are a highly favoured style of maang tikkas. You can get them in white pearls or coloured pearls as you wish, depending on the colour combinations of your outfit. You can also choose to get oversized ones that cover your entire forehead, ones in combination with diamonds, or smaller ones that do not steal the spotlight away from your face. Regardless of the style you choose, these will surely not let you down on your big day.

  • Kundan and Polki Maang Tikka

Kundan and polki are other affordable options that look equally exquisite with any outfit. With the stunning combination of green, red and white embellishments, you can get these in any style you want because you will not be disappointed regardless. You can also choose to match the colour scheme of your outfit or choose to create a contrast with it, along with choosing to go for an oversized one or a small one. With many options, the choice is all yours!

  • Paasa/Jali Maang Tikka

This style is a net-like pattern that adorns the entire top of your head, from the crown to the forehead. This makes it look absolutely exquisite and make it fit for weddings and similar extravagant occasions only. And with design options in diamonds, kundan, polki, jadau or simple gold, you can play around with the combinations that work best with your outfit while not overpowering or overshadowing it.

While you can get maang tikkas in many more design and material options, these are some of the most common ones that brides opt for. So, you may go for these or choose to go an entirely different path with other non-conventional designs. Regardless of the design you ultimately choose, one thing you can be sure of is that maang tikkas are stunning pieces that will only enhance the beauty of your traditional outfit and you in that outfit. So, go ahead, browse through the many designs and let these pieces talk for you as you stun everyone!