How BAD made the unthinkable comfortable?

When it comes to protective clothing, which is more important: comfort or safety? Safety seems obvious. Responsibility for establishing and maintaining a strong safety culture falls to all of us. As for protective clothing, comfort and safety go hand in hand. Wearing uncomfortable garments will likely limit your movement, lead to feeling irritable, and make you less productive.

The normal construction attire you wear probably ticks the safety boxes but lacks style and does not help you stand out from your colleagues or competitors! Thanks to BAD workwear, you can now choose protective attire that meets workplace safety standards and is comfortable while standing out from your workmates or competitors.

Fit and Feel

Choosing the right workwear for you begins with the fit and feel. Not only is it uncomfortable to walk into your workplace every day in something that doesn’t fit right, but it may also hinder your productivity as well. How it feels is also important. Does the material itch? Is it irritating? Is it flexible when you bend over? Will the material snag and tear? You might not immediately see these things, but you will definitely notice them once on site!

Because of this, all BAD products have a slim or modern-fitting design. Specifically, for Women’s workwear, all measurements, including waist, hips, and length, have been customised to give a comfortable, beautiful fit.


Regardless of where you live, summer in Australia is pretty hot. Often, workers are exposed to extreme temperatures. Unless the garment properly manages breathability, sweat uptake and release, it can cause water vapour and ultimately liquid sweat. Body odours present in some materials provide a feast for bacteria. As a result, tradies experience an uncomfortable wet feeling in their protective clothing.

Cotton is generally the most popular fabric, as it is also the most comfortable. This breathable and light fabric allows you to move freely and stay odour free.

In contrast, heavier fabrics are thicker, denser, and less flexible. The garment can accumulate more heat. For this reason, BAD only uses lightweight, breathable ORGANIC AUSTRALIAN SOFT-TOUCH™ cotton fabric. With the adjustable drawstring, you can ensure the perfect fit, while the 360 DEGREE STRETCH FREEMOVE™  FABRIC keeps the workwear durable and stylish as you work comfortably. Not only that, but BAD also has built-in anti-bacterial and quick-drying technologies to eliminate unpleasant odours.

And the fabrics offer high breathability levels allowing heat to be transported easily through the material, making tradies feel more comfortable in this workwear.


Safety is the foremost consideration in workwear. All of our BAD Workwear meets standard safety regulations and provides enough protection in emergencies.

Tradies not only work in an unenjoyable environment but also typically face a lot of physical effort. Using the right safety features allows you to work efficiently without worrying about anything.

In recent years, protective clothing and workwear have advanced dramatically thanks to innovations such as breathable linings in boots and breathable fabrics used in layers of clothing, which create an overall more comfortable environment.

The on-the-job environment requires the right protection, which is why BAD’s product line includes hardhats, rail, as well as night workwear, steel-toe boots, high visibility vests, etc. And all of the BAD workwear boasts excellent sun protection with UPF 50+. Clothing with UPF 50+ rating provides the greatest sun protection, offering 98%+ protection.


Lightness, breathability, softness on the skin, and moisture absorption are key characteristics that impact comfort levels and, therefore, the safety of workwear. BAD has always made comfort a priority, if not the most important one.

Typically, trades aren’t concerned about the comfort of their workwear. Nevertheless, ease will definitely factor into their decision if they will be working hours at the job.

Working efficiently requires comfortable clothes because they allow tradies to move freely without worrying about their clothing falling apart. The BAD, STRETCH L/S HI-VIS SHIRT, for example, offers superior movement & breathability with its 160GSM pre-shrunk stretch FREEMOVE™ fabric (cotton/elastane).

Since tradesmen spend most of their time on feet outside in adverse weather conditions, BAD engineered STORM™ boots to feature an ergonomically designed cushioned sole, which is highly comfortable due to its lightweight and advanced design. In addition, the sturdy Tasmanian leather is water-resistant, keeping your feet dry and cozy. There is an easy-to-open industrial side zip for quick access.

Having many years of experience providing protective workwear for tradies has enabled BAD workwear to blend theory and practice, ratio and emotion, safety and comfort.

Easy to clean

BAD workwear is easy to clean without lingering stains and lasts longer even when repeatedly washed. It is important that the colours remain intact and do not fade because faded colours give an unprofessional appearance. Due to this reason, BAD offers a 3M Scotchgard™ finish with water and stain resistance and mesh lining to prevent internal staining.

As an added measure, BAD has included reinforced nylon panelling in the workwear to ensure it withstands all wash cycles and does not shrink.


While comfort and safety are key features in work clothing, durability is just as vital. An array of durable outfits designed by BAD is better suited to all seasons and working conditions.

Australians live in diverse climates. Because of this, tradies need workwear for both the summer and the winter.

For the winter collection, BAD offers workwear with thicker fabrics so that the garment can last longer while providing insulation and protection against cold. Meanwhile, the summer collection features lightweight, breathable, soft cotton fabrics.

Additionally, seasonal workwear lasts longer than those worn all year continuously.


A lot of people underestimate the value of pockets. But having the right tools in hands when working as a tradesman is crucial.

In order to ensure that all the tools are kept within reach, the BAD workwear has reinforced a series of pockets that are designed to hold the tools without impeding your movement.


  • Pockets with waterproof zippers on chest and waist.
  • Inner pocket for mobile phone with touch-tape closure.

Or the BAD ATTITUDE™ SLIM FIT WHITE NIGHT WORK PANTS that are reinforced with 4-5 pockets in total:

  • Ruler/tool pocket.
  • Smart Phone Pouch with Popper Closure
  • Easy to access smartphone pocket
  • 2 x Pen pockets

Using a company logo on clothing promotes a sense of belonging and pride among buyers. Branding with an iconic and well-presented logo serves as an effective advertisement for existing and potential customers. The eye-catching logo coupled with high-quality embroidery makes BAD a place where tradies feel valued, proud and part of a community.


Whether at the workplace or out on the town, nobody likes to wear clothes that don’t fit right or look good. Because of this, for example, our BAD range of workwear meets every safety requirement and is also fashionable when worn. A trendy appearance at work should not only improve public perception and customer loyalty but also boost employee morale.


Increasingly, workwear has improved in quality, comfort, and safety features, which has expanded the choices available to suit a wide range of applications and tastes, thereby increasing the likelihood of its wear when needed. We have a large selection of leisurewear, formal workwear or hi-vis clothing to suit all tastes and needs. We make sure each garment is a slim/modern fit, suitable for the job, and looks good.


Garments with water-resistant fabrics and coatings prevent water from seeping in from the outside. BAD has spent years designing the patented RAIN-DEFEND™ FABRIC that allows you to stay warm and dry while out in the rain.

Additionally, our waterproof garments are seam-sealed, preventing water from entering and ensuring that you and your team can withstand the elements despite the season.

The WATERPROOF RAIN-DEFEND™ HI-VIS FULL-ZIP FLEECE HOODIE by BAD is the world’s first and only waterproof fleece hoodie.

These things indeed make BAD workwear more comfortable, but some professions require additional levels of protection or safety elements when choosing workwear to ensure compliance with safety measures. This brings us to our next point.

Industry Standards

When was the last time you saw a Hi-Vis clothing at the office? There’s not as much attention paid to uniforms’ durability, functionality, and industry demands in some professions. Safety on the job is paramount for tradies, and often workwear regulations are set by an overarching organisation. We at BAD ensure that our workwear is tested to abide by the workwear standards set down in Australia and New Zealand, AS/NZS 4602.1:2011. These include requirements for Hi-Vis clothing, the standard and colour for reflective tapes on clothing, and what is needed for these garments to meet standards.

It should go without saying that proper clothing in the workplace is a must, especially when the nature of the job dictates it.

In search of stylish, comfortable, and compliant workwear? Browse our guide to see all the clothing options you have onsite – you may be able to implement these if you need to wear a uniform or convince your boss to step up onsite fashion at your workplace!

With BAD, you can choose from extensive workwear choices for work, including sturdy work boots, men’s and women’s workwear, Hi-VS workwear, safety vests, safety footwear, pants, and fleece hoodies, rail workwear, night workwear, accessories, and more. Explore the entire BAD Workwear range online today.