Reef Macaronis and Reef Pulse Sandals

While today, there are a variety of brands offering surf sandals and footwear, Reef was one of the greatest brands to tap seriously into this segment within the surf industry. In 1978, two siblings and siblings, Fernando and Santiago Aguerre, after testing out several home-scale companies through their youthful lives, decided to begin a surf shop in their hometown in Argentina. It had been the first available home and very quickly the siblings and siblings had bigger plans. To pursue this, Santiago gone after California and increased to end up part of a surf shop there, simply because they seriously seriously anxiously waited for Fernando to complete School and join him. This finally happened twenty-six years back, once they create a shop near Rose Gorge, while discussing a warehouse with Rusty Preisendorfer, who in later existence founded the business Rusty. Because of their limited sources they understood they need to be smart about marketing their sandals and additionally they created a distinctive advertising campaign that may easily grab attention. The concept was to train on a beautiful model, simply to be referred to as “Miss Reef,” to advertise the sandals, but without ever including her face within the pictures. The campaign is a hit and they also buzz was on regarding the Reef sandals. Despite their humble beginnings, the Reef brand is among the most effectively run brands within the surf industry today. Additionally they provide probably most likely probably the most comfortable sandals in the marketplace, they provide style, class and magnificence in their footwear.

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One of the awesome selection of sandals that Reef offers we’ve the Reef Macaronis sandals along with the Reef Pulse sandals. The Reef macaronis is most likely the classiest types of sandals to possess are you currently presently available. Since the straps along with the footbed remains created from beautiful full grain leather, to make sure an excellent fit and luxury, pig skin lining along with a smartly contoured midsole remains devote. Materials are really hands selected, thinking about, the advantages of it being eco-friendly.

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To provide that feeling of owning probably most likely probably the most legendary designs within the Reef brand, Reef metal emblem remains attached too. The Reef Macaronis sandals are available in two colors, brown and black. The Reef Macaronis sandals will be the perfect everyday rubber sandals, serving the dual requirements of durability and elegance. It’s been created for superb grip. These come in blue, gray, black, tan and brown.