The secret of Chinese gift-giving

  1. The value of the gift

Gifts should be given with consideration to the specific situation and occasion. Generally, when you go to a private dinner, you should bring some small gifts for the hostess, such as bouquets of flowers, fruits and local specialties. If you have children, you can send toys and sweets. If you are invited to a wedding, you can give a bouquet of flowers and practical items in addition to artistic decorations. For New Year and Christmas, you can generally give a calendar, wine, tea, sweets, cigarettes, etc.

  1. Timing and manner of gift-giving

China gift delivery requires consideration of the timing and manner of gift delivery. Gifts should generally be given in person. However, sometimes they can be sent in advance for weddings. For festivals and annual gifts, you can send someone to your door or send them by post. This should be accompanied by the giver’s business card or a handwritten message in an envelope of comparable size with the recipient’s name on it, attached to the top of the gift wrapper. It is usually inappropriate to give a gift in public to just one person in a group. This is because the recipient will feel bribed and fooled, and the non-recipient will feel left out and slighted.

In China, it is also inappropriate to give gifts to close people in public to avoid giving the public the impression that your close relationship is supported solely by material things. Only special gifts that are light and express special feelings should be given in front of a large audience. This is when the public becomes a witness to your true friendship. For example, a special souvenir.

  1. Pay attention to attitude, gestures and language expressions when giving gifts

A calm, friendly and generous gesture accompanied by polite language is what the recipient will be happy to accept. The practice of quietly placing the gift under the table or in a corner of the room as a thief will not only fail to achieve the purpose of the gift, but will even backfire. In the presentation of the gift, should emphasize their own good feelings and feelings for the recipient party, rather than emphasizing the actual value of the gift, otherwise, it will fall into the point of heavy gifts and light righteousness, and even make the other party have a feeling of accepting a bribe.

  1. Give gifts according to the person and the place

The selection of gifts should be differentiated for different recipients. Generally speaking, for the poor, affordable; for the rich, sophisticated; for lovers, lovers and lovers, commemorative; for friends, interesting; for the elderly, practical; for children, enlightening and novel; for foreign guests, special. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and perhaps you are looking for China flower delivery, sammygift can help you.

For example, it is common in China to say that “good things come in pairs”, so for all big celebrations, it is good to give gifts that are double and not single, but the Chinese avoid the even number “4”, because in Chinese pronunciation, “4 “is inauspicious as it sounds like “death” in Chinese pronunciation. Furthermore, although white means pure and flawless, it is more taboo for the Chinese as it is often the colour of great sorrow and poverty in China. Similarly, black is considered inauspicious, the colour of calamity and mourning. Red, on the other hand, is a symbol of joy, peace and celebration and is universally loved by people. In addition, the Chinese also often preach to the elderly can not send clocks, to the couple or lovers can not send pears, because “send clock” and “send the end”, “pear” and “away” harmonic, is inauspicious. Also, such as can’t send medicine for healthy people, can’t send intimate supplies for friends of the opposite sex, etc.