Tips to Avoid Pitfalls and Mistakes While Planning your Weddings

Marriage is a one-time celebration of your life, so enjoying this day amidst close people in an exotic destination will make your wedding day a memorable one. Destination wedding can be a lot of fun. Hence, most of them these days prefer destination wedding. However, it needs thorough planning to make the event a success.

You can seek help from the best wedding planners like Princess Apulia. They have amazing venues for weddings like the Castello Marchione. They will help you enjoy the time before the wedding and you will remain stress free throughout the ceremony.

While getting your destination wedding planned in Italy, you may tend to put many countless hours of your precious time and great efforts to plan your dream wedding. The wedding should be a fun and a positive memory for you and the guests to take forward for a long time.

Here is a list of suggestions to avoid while plan your wedding day:

Email and not spam:

The first thing to do when you plan a wedding abroad is to get in touch with as many vendors as possible and get their quote. It is natural to get as much information before you finalize a particular spot. You can personalize your email other than copy pasting similar text for everyone.

Personalize your messages, mention your details, evaluate and explore the vendor you are planning to hire, this will help you get the right answers.

Give feedback:

If you have contacted too many vendors, make sure that once you have chosen the right one, inform others that you have declined their offer. It is a good habit to do so. This way, the vendors can offer their work to other brides or you may even get an email with a better offer.

In abroad or Italy:

If you have chosen Italy or abroad for the wedding, you need to prepare yourself for a totally new experience. Hosting a wedding abroad or in Italy definitely has a different vibe than a wedding done at home. Don’t be afraid to dare yourself with things that you like (food, décor, music, wine)

Your wedding will be great for you and will definitely touch the hearts of the guests with the place, the style, the atmosphere, and most importantly your happy place.


It is fine to see the wedding ceremony as one of the most important part of the wedding experience, even though this is true for many, it doesn’t need to be the longest part. Religious, civil, or humanistic ceremonies should not be longer than 20 to 30 minutes: this is the best way to keep your guests busy.

If you really want to impress your guests then you can try something meaningful: the backdrop, the view, the decoration, or the simple things you can do is place the seats in a circle so that everyone present can look at you and listen to the vows you share.

Don’t forget to enjoy your time during the wedding. Get your wedding executed as you planned and do dare yourself to try new things.