Wedding Bells: 5 Tips For The Big Proposal

So, you’ve decided to propose – how exciting! Getting engaged is obviously one of the biggest elements of a couple’s life together, and is full of joy, merriment and just a little wedding planning stress to go with it.

But, of course, you want to get the proposal right, including having the best ring to propose with. If you’ve decided to propose and you’re looking for the best custom engagement rings Sydney has available, here are some tips on how to hand it over to your (surely) bride-to-be:

  • Do not go without the ring

The worst thing you can do when proposing, and one that has the potential to absolutely baffle your SO, is to propose without a ring. Regardless of whether you’re traditional or not, there is still something so heartwarming about an engagement ring, and something that truly makes your SO feel special in that unforgettable moment.

So, the first thing to do is this: pick up that ring! If you are unsure of what kind of ring your SO would like, you could ask their good mate to do a little cheeky inquiring, or you could have a custom engagement ring made up that is sure to swoon your SO into saying that all-important “yes!”.

  • Make the proposal a reflection of your relationship

Don’t just take your SO out to the nicest restaurant in town because it’s outrageously expensive – where’s the love and soul in that? Instead, why not personalise your proposal, making it a reflection of the love and interests you share as a couple?

For example, is the place you first met significant to you both? Or, do you have a favourite song that you still both get around every time it comes on? Was there a place you spent your first amazing holiday that you would love to go to again for that very special moment?

Personalising your proposal truly adds to the special love that the moment presents – it should be something that shows that you know what’s important to your SO and that it means the same to you, too!

  • Do it on dry land

Not to cancel out your personalised proposal idea, but seafaring proposals can often go awry. You don’t want to put the ring on your SO’s finger when your dinghy is suddenly hit by a strong current and the ring – or you and your SO – go overboard!

Sure, botched engagement proposals can be pretty funny and even add to the occasion, but you don’t want it to be a dangerous affair, either, so perhaps proposing on dry land is the ultimate way to go – even the end of the jetty might be a better option…

  • Practise what you plan to say

Some people are people of few words and this is fine. But, hey, it is your wedding proposal, and you should probably at least have a few words to say about how much your SO means to you.

Write something, anything, so long as it’s sweet and is a reflection of the love you share. Next, practise saying it, even in the mirror, and despite any possible nerves you’ll still be able to get it out in the most loveable and charming way possible.

  • Have fun with it!

Proposing isn’t meant to be stressful. After all, your SO is the love of your life, and you wouldn’t be proposing unless you were sure of the awesome result. So, have a little fun with it – it’s an exciting time for both of you, and should be treated with a little carefree joy!